Experience the Royal Treatment and Best Dress Experience!


Why buy your wedding dress online when you can have the queen’s treatment and experience going to a local brick and mortar bridal shop. Brick and mortar bridal businesses are the best place to get your wedding dress. I know you can now buy everything including the kitchen sink online, but some things are meant to be experienced the old fashion way. You won’t experience the “ Say Yes to The Dress” moment if you buy online.



Buying locally in a brick and mortar store supports the local economy as well. Why is it when some famous person endorses or sells something online, everyone jumps at the opportunity to buy their product? They’re already rich and getting richer, so why not support people you most likely know who own their local bridal shops and depend on your support to keep their businesses going? These people will surely go out of their way to make you a happy bride!



Have you seen the horror stories posted online about brides to be ordering their wedding dresses from Chinese companies with American names and getting a disaster that is supposed to be a dress?


Measuring a bride for a wedding dress is no simple task. Throw everything you know about measuring yourself for regular clothing out the window. Doing it for a wedding dress is a whole different game. That’s a major reason to support your local bridal business. They do it for you and happen to actually know exactly what they’re doing because they have the expertise and experience to get you fitted for the perfect dress . Once your dress comes in, there won’t be a horror story, just your basic alterations to make it your “Yes” dress.



Weddings are a coveted once in a lifetime event (hopefully) and you only get one chance to do it right. So next time your bridesmaids or maid of honor recommends ordering your wedding dress online, send them to this blog post. There is definitely enough evidence to backup your reason to shop locally. Just Google it!


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