Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute to Buy Your Wedding Dress

stella york

We’ve seen a trend of “brides to” be waiting until the last minute to buy their wedding dress. Why wait for the last minute to do anything, let alone buying a wedding dress that usually takes several month to be made after you are measured and pay for it. Most bridal shops are not keeping all sizes in inventory just to wait for you to come in and buy it off the rack, unless you want to consider the Wal-Mart of Bridals; Davies Bridals. You know who I mean. Their business model is very different than your local bridal shop. They are advertising $99 wedding dresses and when you come in, you end up paying $1,200 for a dress that everyone else wore before you and guess what? You’re buying that worn dress and taking it home.


I digress. Let’s get back on topic. Oh yes, don’t wait until the last minute to buy your wedding dress. The process takes 10-12 months out and I promise you will feel so much better wearing a dress made for you rather someone’s soiled dress that you took off of the rack at “Davies Bridal”. You will still have some minor alterations once your dress comes in so that is another reason to start shopping 10-12 months out.

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There is no exclusivity and 100 “brides to be” already tried on that dress that you’re taking home. I guess if you don’t care about that type of stuff, more power to you, but more brides want an exclusive experience and a special product that those big box stores can’t even come close to. Did I mention the customer services at those stores? It’s pretty much self serve like those new kiosks at Wal -Mart. You’re really on your own. If I’m wrong, please educate me. I’m going based on feedback by brides that have had an awful experience in those big box stores.


Did I forget to mention that there is a reason “Say Yes to the Dress” shows on TV. The reason is because the majority of brides want the exclusive experience that only a bridal boutique can provide. There’s something to be said about having your girls and family members there when you make the big decision and It’s a totally an emotional experience. Who doesn’t want to experience that? So if you feel the impulse to wait until the last minute to buy your wedding dress, think again. Too many things can go wrong at the last minute and you may not have time to fix them. See your local bridal boutique 10-12 month out and you will thank me for it!

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